Julien Paluku Kahongya

Julien Paluku Kahongya (born 13 December 1968) is a politician of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and the governor of North Kivu province.

He was elected on 2007-01-27 by the North Kivu provincial assembly members to succeed Eugène Serufuli Ngayabaseka. A member of the RCD-K-ML rebel group of current Foreign Minister Mbusa Nyamwisi, he nonetheless stood as an independent in the gubernatorial elections, receiving 25 out of 40 votes against his challenger, Vahamwiti Mukesyayira Jean-Chrysostome.

Prior to this he was administrator of the Territory of Lubero, Mayor of Butembo and Mayor of Beni.[1][2]

On October 10, 2009, Julien Paluku was named by a witness as a co-conspirator and principal facilitator[3] in the sordid murder of Albert Prigogine-Safari Ngezayo, a Goma businessman, father of seven, staunch defender of Congo's fauna and natural resources. Mr. Prigogine was also the nephew of Nobel Prize winner Ilya Prigogine. A witness who was involved in the planning of the murder in January 2008, stated that the then Governor of North Kivu, Julien Paluku, had authorized the murder, loaning his chief of security Major Patrick to secure the murder zone. Named with the Governor were Antoine Musanganya, a local businessman, who had built the Cap Kivu hotel on land that belonged to Albert Prigogine despite two consecutive judgments by the Congolese Supreme Court of Justice, Colonel Mundos, Colonel Delphin, Colonel Kakule Maestro, Major Yves and Major Patrick. As North Kivu awaits justice, Julien Paluku and his murderous network now threaten the Prigogine family. The United Nations has granted protection to the family and witness and international Human Rights organizations as well as the diplomatic community in the DRC are closely monitoring the case to measure President Kabila's commitment to end impunity, corruption and restore the institution of Justice in the Congo.

Julien Paluku, the Governor of North Kivu, the Congo's largest tin-producing province, is facing censure after a government probe report released last week implicated him in alleged corruption scandals, UN-sponsored radio Okapi reported Monday.[4]

To note this will not have been the first time the governor's financial management has been questioned. A probe into financial mismanagement of provincial funds alleged that the governor was running parallel accounts, one officially managed by the provincial accountant and another illegal account managed by the financial adviser to the governor.


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