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The Premiere (TV movie)

"The Premiere"
The Naked Brothers Band episode
Episode no. Season 3
Episode 10-11
Directed by Jonathan Judge
Written by Polly Draper (Head Writer)
Michael Rubiner (Screenplay)
Bob Mittenthal (Screenplay)
Polly Draper (Screenplay)
Production code TBA/ 992
Original air date April 11, 2009
Guest actors
Episode chronology
← Previous
"Naked Idol (TV movie)"
Next →
"No School Fool's Day"
List of The Naked Brothers Band episodes

"The Premiere" is the eighth TV movie on the part documentary and part rock-mockumentary musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band, which was created by Polly Draper. The Premiere aired on Saturday, April 11, 2009. The premise of The Premiere is that The Naked Brothers Band "Musical Mystery Movie" premieres. It also features guest appearances by Victoria Justice from Zoey 101.


Everything is finally finished for the premiere of The Naked Brothers Band "Musical Mystery Movie". Now the band has to go through the press release and the red carpet! Nat, hearing about Rosalina wanting to be back in the band, has to decide, along with the rest of the band, whether to keep their new bass player, Kristina, or agree to let Rosalina back in the band.

Plus, the publicist for the movie tells the band that each of them need to bring a date to the premiere with them. Alex thinks his hair can tell the future if you ask it a question, but in reality, can it? Who will Nat choose? Rosalina the love of his life? Or Kristina the girl who was inspired by his music? Plus, what about his date? So he picks all of them.

On the red carpet, Nat tells Rosalina he loves her leaving her confused and then he kisses Kristina after she accidentally spills ice cream on his tuxedo.


Cast Credited Role
Nat Wolff 2007–Present "Nat": ages 9–14, Lead singer-songwriter/keyboardist and occasional guitarist friends with Rosalina and Kristina
Alex Wolff 2007–Present "Alex": ages 6–11, Drummer and occasional Lead singer-songwriter
Thomas Batuello 2007–Present "Thomas": ages 9–14, Cellist, Bassist
Allie DiMeco 2007–Present "Rosalina": ages 11–16,Bassist, 2nd Guitarist friends with Nat And Kristina
David Julian Levi 2007–Present "David": ages 9–13, Keyboardist
Qaasim Middleton 2007–Present "Qaasim": ages 11–13, Guitarist
Cooper Pillot 2007–Present "Cooper": ages 9–13, Band Manager
Jesse Draper 2007–Present "Jesse Cook": Band tutor and singer/dancer
Kristina Reyes March 14, 2009- June 13, 2009 "Kristina": ages 15–15, Bassist friends with Nat And Rosalina
Michael Wolff 2007–Present "Mr. Sonny Wolff (Dad)"


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