This 79-year-old author was born in a family that had to migrate from its native place, D.I.Khan (North-West Frontier Province) at the time of partitioning of India in 1947, to settle in Delhi. With a blessed and pleasant spell of family life for 57 years in the company of wife, the consequential growth of family taking newer forms through children and grand-children, providing  an  in- depth experience of a married life, he seems to convey that he enjoys placing before the readers at least something to know from a different perspective, Through his literary fictions.He studied, grew and developed and worked for livelihood in Delhi. Having retired as teacher after working in various schools of Delhi Government, he turned to practicing as an Advocate in Delhi. He believes writing fiction in English is his  passion. By now, he has authored five  novels; and the work on the sixth one is in progress.

He maintains that his faith in the existence of the Omnipresent, Omnipotent and the Benevolent has capacitated this `di’abled` person TO USE SIMULTANEOUSLY ALL THE TEN FINGERS OF HIS HANDS, TO WRITE, WHEREAS THE NORMAL PRACTICE FOR WRITING REQUIRES THE COMBINED USE OF JUST THUMBAND THE ADJACENT FINGER TO HOLD THE PEN FOR WRITING. Thus, he is thankful to His Grace, in coming to his aid in making this humble author express his feelings before the readers at large.
General Information:

My beliefs:


Endowed with the personality that always remains inclined towards the truest secularism, I cannot afford to prefer one religion over the other. Therefore, it is not a difficult task for me to interact with a person of any faith. I cannot skip from my tract of `humanity before religion`.

Being a firm believer in the existence of a `Supreme Power`, denoted by a variety of nomenclatures, I can adjust with followers of any mainstream of faiths.  Even an atheist or an agnostic would not be treated as hostile at my hands, because I perceive every person as a human being before anything else. Nevertheless, it would be safer to understand me if the person keeps in mind that I am exposed to only those mainstreams of religion as practised in India.


The Principles of Life (dear to my heart):

(Formed on the basis of The experience derived through interaction since the childhood, with my parents, siblings, other kin around, my teachers, friends, schoolmates; later on with my pupils, my colleagues, friends, neighbours, co-travellers in a public transport, my clients and my colleagues at Bar and last but not the least my friends at coffee house etc; and also gained through learning at various levels through books, mass media, direct observation and self introspection)


1.     All human souls deserve `due respect`, as and when they come into my contact.

2. While comparing self with others, I rate my personality as `an average person`, because I always consider self to be at a little higher scale, only here or there.3. As I am aware of the fact that I can achieve all that is essential for leading a respectable life, without elbowing others, therefore, I have never conscientiously entered into any competing fray, during the last 66 years of my life. Even the laurels of once topping the successful candidates at the University examination was bestowed on me by His Grace, without input of any additional effort on my part.



Me amongst others


I love to float, as I have never dreamt swimming; surely, I won’t sink, it’s my belief. I have learnt this fact about self, only through introspection. I continue to pray for this type of life ahead too, come what may. With this type of attitude  at hand, I seldom find myself at unease with the presence of any person, around.

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Exploring, Exploiting

By: by Manohar Asija

This novel is based on the plot that describes the life of a young lady having worked as Assistant Professor at the University level. These days, she is engaged by a Trust, interested in promoting `mental illumination through peace of mind and self-confidence. She is going places to deliver lectures, keep in mind the aims of the organization as well as the composition of the audiences. In fact, since her infancy she is on the move from one part of India to another, eve...

Dear Madhu Ji, On my way back home I recapitulated, as my routine exercise, the discussions at the Coffee House. Can you recall the reaction of Mr Malik to Lal's outburst against the final outcome of Dhananjay Chakrovarty's legal battle to ward off the Capital punishment pronounced on him for rape and murder of a minor girl, when he himself was just 21 years? ……………..." I suppose Mr. Malik came out with some amusing retort, which made almost the entire group at the table...

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Abraded Emotionality

By: Manohar Asija

This moderately sized novel opens before the reader, with an episode that took place when, after having driven over a hundred kilometers relating to the pleasure trip from Delhi to Kosani,a tourist resort situated in the Kumayun Hills a range of the Himalayas in the North of India, being undertaken by a group of very intimate three unwed oldies, all retired college teachers, when one of them is accosted by the owner of the roadside `Dhaba` (an indigenous restaurant) wh...

Three chronic bachelors, on their way to Kosani (Kumayun Hills), have just completed their breakfast at a roadside modern `Dhaba` and the cashier for this solid group of three looks towards his companions, as if to seek their consent to signal the `boy` to bring the bill. So, in a broader sense, we used to be treating each other as `neighbour`, during those days. He is younger to me by a couple of years, but his physique and mannerism suggested his equaling me in ag...

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A Match of My Choice

By: Manohar Asija

This story whirls around plot that opens up when two ex-classmates happen to meet inadvertently, one on his official duty, while the other on past-time, enjoying holiday touring alone. Their next meeting, brings a female classfellow of theirs at the hill-station to make them enjoy one another’s company. This re-union continues to grow further during the years that follow. The author portrays just an account of certain events taking shape in the social sectors of thes...

Hemant's intention in going to the H.P.T.D.C. hotel was, at the moment, influenced by the desire to meet Mr. Manmeet Malhotra, the manager. He also wanted thereby to express his gratitude to Mr. Malhotra who had arranged accommodation for him last night. Hemant was already under obligation of Mr Malhotra for his kind and affectionate treatment of Hemant when three years ago Hemant happened to meet him at the H.P.T.D.C. hotel at Manali where Manmeet Malhotra was workin...

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My Dear Sister-in-Law

By: Manohar Asija

Female spouse of one’s brother is called `sister-in-law`; similarly the sister of one’s spouse is sister-in-law. Again, the wife of one’s brother-in-law is also called sister-in-law, subject however to the condition that the said brother-in-law is not the husband of one’s own sister. Thus, in Indian society, we find a vast variety of sister-in-law. However, one factor of commonality is often found in the cases where at both ends of this relationship, we have females. Th...

Perched in his wheelchair, at the moment on 30th June, 2007, this erstwhile lover of Maya -law. Of course, this infirm oldie his first ever acquaintance with Vibha Ratra took place, when his family ... Our mother, though surprised to be getting acquainted by her son to Mrs Wilson as the bride's mother, chose to maintain silence about her knowledge of that lady's `swarthy` reputation in the residential vicinity, during their adolescence. Instead of consoling his father i...

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K's Bhoomika

By: Manohar Asija

Having lost her mother, and virtually rendered `orphan`, in the absence of `father`, a little girl Named Bhoomika, by dint of sheer circumstances, happens to reach a virgin teacher. Here, the `blessed opportunity for education` awaits her, as she is inspired and guided by this benevolent lady towards higher education. Once, she was offered a part-time job of `a reader for a blind class-fellow` of hers at Khadi Degree College, Guhahati: and she gladly accepted it. Of cou...

"In fact, I had never spoken to her even a single word, though she continued to send me signals for initiating a dialogue with her. I had to go to fetch my daily quota of water from the water-tap, provided at the back of her tenement, for all the four segments, in the vicinity. Almost every time, we had to place our buckets or utensils, in a queue, while waiting for our turn. Being shy of passing through the front lane, while approaching the water-tap, I preferred to wal...

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