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Why You Should Love God

By: by Stephanie Angelini

People often debate whether there is a God. This to-the-point essay delves into an even more important topic: Why you should love God. It includes five compelling reasons (1. It's what you were made for, 2. You need it, 3. He loves you, 4. He is worth it and you can trust him, and 5. You will regret that you didn't) as well as a sixth section on ways to get to know God, as well as a list of resources.

Does God exist? It is a question every person is faced with. However, the real question is not whether God is. Even the devil knows that God exists. The question that matters is not, “Do I believe in God?” but “Do I love Him?” The following pages lay out several reasons why everyone should love him. Knowing the love of God - God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit - and loving our fellow human beings through that love, is what every person was made f...

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