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Maharshi Gautam

By Padhya, Hemantkumar, Gajanan

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Reproduction Date: 10/10/2000

Title: Maharshi Gautam  
Author: Padhya, Hemantkumar, Gajanan
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Religion, Biography of Maharshi Gautam
Collections: Religion, Authors Community, Most Popular Books in China, Education
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Publisher: Usha Prakashan


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This book is a short biography of Maharshi Gautam belonged to Angiras Gotra. Maharshi Gautam authored many Sutras like Gautam Dharmasutra, Gautam Medhsutra etc. He was the most ancient and foremost conceiver of Dharmasutra so he is considered to the father of social and religious law makers. He is known as the author of Nyaaya Philosophy and the principles expounded by him is known as Gautamsutra or Dharmasutra.. Dharmasūtra is the treaties of, discipline and duty in a form of law and it is devoted to the student, the order of a person's life, the householder, occupations of the four Varnas, the king’s duty, impurity, ancestral offerings, women and marriage, property, inheritance, daily rites and rituals, Sin and its expiations or penances. Maharshi Gautam, the great and the supreme jurist, has described them in his Smriti as- Right conduct. (achar dharm) Celibacy (Brahmacharya Dharm), Duties of a householder (Grihasthya Dharm),Duties during distress time. (Apad Dharm) , Description of various consecrations (Sanskar Varnan) , Duties ( Kartavya Vidhan), Occupations of different castes (Jaati Vritti), Duties of the king (Raj Dharm), Various types of impurities (Ashouch pratipadan), Certain time when the scripture cannot be studied (Anadhyaya) ,Atonement of sins and its methods (Chandrayan Vrata) , Distribution of wealth among the sons (Sampatti Vibhag).


Maharshi Gautam is the progenitor of Gautamagotra under the lineage of main Angiras Gotra. Maharshi Gautama was the great grandson of Saptarshi Sage Angiras, a grandson of Maharshi Utathya and a son of Maharshi Dirghatamas or Rahugana. Maharshi Angiras, the great grandfather of Maharshi Gautama, was the third Manasaputra out of ten Manasputra created by Lord Brahma and founder of Angiras Gotra, a hereditary lineage.. Angiras was one of the greatest seven sages or Saptarshi of first Manvaantara and he was also one of the ten Prajapatis or progenitors of mankind. Angiras was one of the inspired lawgivers and also a writer on astronomy. He was first and pioneer Mantradrashtaa. He composed many shlokas devoted to Agni. While sacred thread (Upanayan or yagnopavit) is performed Maharshi Angiras is evoked in oblation ceremony by chanting the Mantra ’ ‘’मेघाम मह्यम अंगीरसः । मेघाम सप्तर्षयो ददुः । मेघाम मह्यम प्रजापतिः । मेघाम अंगीर ददातु मे ।‘’ Maharshi Angiras is credited for the formulation of the most part of Atharvaved along with Maharshi Atharvan. Smriti, Surupa and Swadha or shraddha were his wives and Utathya (Brihat Keerti)r , Samvartana and Brihaspati were some of his glorious sons. Maharshi Utathya was the writer of ‘Utathya Gita’, the book of philosophy of universal wellbeing.


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