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Charles F. Lutes : 108 Inspirational Lectures

By Daczynski, Vincent, J.

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Reproduction Date: 10/23/2012

Title: Charles F. Lutes : 108 Inspirational Lectures  
Author: Daczynski, Vincent, J.
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Philosophy, Inspirational Spiritual Lectures
Collections: Authors Community, New Age
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Publisher: YogiVinceBooks LLC
Member Page: Vincent Daczynski


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J. Daczynskiito, B. V. (Ed.). (2012). Charles F. Lutes : 108 Inspirational Lectures. Retrieved from

In 1959 Maharishi Mahesh Yogi founded the Spiritual Regeneration Movement Foundation to enable everyone to experience God through the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Maharishi appointed Charles Lutes as president of this organization. Charlie was a man of God and he spoke about God. Charlie described Transcendental Meditation as the highest teaching because it is through the continued practice of this technique that one is able to infuse the Being (God) into ones mind and body and thereby become united with God. Charlie often stated that humans are spiritual beings with a spiritual destiny, and through his own spiritual development he illustrated the efficacy of the practice of the Transcendental Meditation technique as a means to awaken to this destiny. Charlie was a living example about that which he spoke. Charlie was a spiritual Master in his own right. The 108 lectures in this book were gleaned from over one-thousand inspirational lectures which Charlie had delivered spanning over twenty years, from the 1970s to the 1990s. Although Charlie’s lectures were written for and delivered to an audience of practitioners of the Transcendental Meditation technique, the knowledge contained in these lectures are universal truths and contain universal appeal; therefore, they serve as an inspiration for all seekers of truth regardless of the spiritual path they may travel.

Lutes while giving lectures to a select group of advanced meditators at his private weekly meetings. Charlie never meant for his lectures to be published. However, after Charlie died, his friends wanted to preserve his lectures in book form as a memorial edition to be distributed for free for the Friends of Charlie’s private use. However, the demand for this book expanded quickly beyond Charlie’s immediate friends. Therefore, to meet this demand this book has been uploaded to the Community Library so that a broader audience may gain benefit, from the universal knowledge presented in Charlie’s lectures, for many generations to come.

From Lecture No. 18, The Battlefield within the Mind" The human mind is the battlefield where untutored impulsive and conscious forces are warring against altruistic forces. Sometimes good dominates and then vice versa. We go from good to bad and bad to good in a constant and unending struggle. We constantly move from one opposite to the other, from hate to love, from truth to untruth, and so forth. When the lower forces in the mind dominate, the higher or divine forces become subordinate to the lower forces. Nobody is totally good or totally bad. We are a composite of good and bad; some things good and some things not so good. As we strive to improve ourselves temptations are continually placed before us. Often we fail the tests and we create misery for ourselves, but slowly we learn as we go from test to test and lesson to lesson. Sometimes along the path of life we begin to realize that there must be some way to find true guidance and support in our long and weary battle for happiness and peace of mind. We realize that the flesh is weak and that by ourselves we are not strong enough to overcome. We seem to be constantly pulled down by irresistible forces arrayed against us. It is then that we ask for divine guidance, and if we are sincere it is given to us. We find that by going within ourselves through our meditation practice there is a well of inner strength we never dreamed we possessed. We begin to turn the tide of the battle and commence at long last to win the age old war that has raged within ourselves. Slowly the darkness of the mind starts to lift and we see the light of peace and happiness beginning to shine forth. The lower forces at this point realize they are faced with total defeat and they fight with renewed vigor to again gain supremacy of the mind and control of the individual. This is where we unveil our greatest weapon, faith; the white light of humanity.

Table of Contents
Preface 1 Introduction 2 1. Truth, a Continuous Unfoldment 3 2. The Coming of the New World 5 3. The Search for God 6 4. Responsibility in Life 7 5. A New Heaven and a New Earth 9 6. Karma in Life 10 7. Solving the Mystery of Life 12 8. Pleasure and Pain in Life 13 9. The Development and Use of Our Spiritual Will Power 15 10. The Power of Thought 17 11. Intent and Honesty in Life 19 12. Self Discovery 20 13. The Meaning of Yoga 21 14. The Rebirth of the Senses 22 15. Faith 24 16. Character 25 17. Reincarnation 26 18. The Battlefield within the Mind 27 19. Destiny of Life 28 20. Love, a True Expression of Life 29 21. Effort and Effects in Life 30 22. Decisions in Life 32 23. Sin 34 24. Spiritual Enlightenment 35 25. Consciousness 37 26. The Absolute 38 27. Truth, Relative and Absolute 39 28. The Sacred Side of Sex 40 29. Marriage in Life 42 30. Human Emotions 43 31. The Emotional Body 44 32. Values in Life 46 33. Beauty in Life 48 34. You Get Out of Life What You Put Into It 50 35. The Road to Perfection 52 36. Devotion 53 37. Self Mastery 54 38. The Ego 55 39. Birth and Death 56 40. Modes of the Mind 57 41. The Way to Realization 58 42. The Individual and Universal "I" 59 43. The Human as a Light 60 44. God is Love 62 45. Objectives in Life 64 46. Cause and Effect 66 47. Karmic Balance 67 48. A Few Thoughts on Parenting 68 49. Knowledge 69 50. Loyalty in Life 70 51. Thought Forms 72 52. Energy, a Life Force 73 53. What is Liberation? 75 54. The Soul 76 55. From Physical to Spiritual 77 56. Prana 78 57. Prana and Apana 79 58. Real and Unreal 80 59. Who Am I? 81 60. Living the Good Life 83 61. Transmutation of the Sexual Force 84 62. The Relative and the Absolute 85 63. The Well of Life 87 64. The Way to Heaven is Through Hell, The Way to God is through Devotion 88 65. Happiness in Life 90 66. One Cannot Travel on Two Paths 91 67. Wealth and Spirituality 92 68. What We Really Are 93 69. Attachment and Detachment 94 70. Man Moving Toward Wisdom 95 71. The Road to Reason 96 72. The Meaning of Life 97 73. The Unfoldment of a Spiritual Life 99 74. Virtue 100 75. Perfection of the Mind 101 76. The New Mind 102 77. Soul Mates 104 78. Morality versus Spirituality 106 79. Rebirth 108 80. The Maya of Life 109 81. Human Evolution 111 82. Will and Desire 113 83. Guidance in Life 114 84. Homeward Bound 115 85. Good and Evil 117 86. The Physical Body 119 87. The Causal Mind 121 88. Buddhic Consciousness 123 89. The Atman 125 90. The Higher Self 126 91. The Human as an Eternal Being 127 92. Spirituality 128 93. Moving into the Spiritual Life 130 94. Existence 132 95. The Real Self 133 96. Way of Life 135 97. Free Will and Predestination 137 98. True Devotion 138 99. The Gaining of Soul Mastery 140 100. Spiritual Will 142 101. Intuition and Energy Force 143 102. Spirituality and Sexuality 145 103. Self-determination 147 104. The Law of Rhythm 149 105. The Purpose of Human Life 151 106. Meditation 153 107. The Inner Meaning of Initiation 154 108. The Experience of God 156 109. His Light Still Shines 158


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