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Jhalla (A Silly Lad)

By Asija, Manohar

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Reproduction Date: 8/10/2016

Title: Jhalla (A Silly Lad)  
Author: Asija, Manohar
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Autobiography
Collections: Authors Community, Literature
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Publisher: Self-published
Member Page: Manohar Asija


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The Analytical Sketches of the biography, titled `Jhalla` (A Silly Lad) is an exposition of the various stages, leaving behind sweet and sometimes sour reminiscences on the mind of the author. This treatise aims to provide the glimpses of the life’s journey already traversed by him for over 8 decades. Here, in this book, he jumps from one stage to another, to provide the reader of his past and the present day life. The scheme of the book is based on segments and their contents. These divisions are enumerated as under: Segment one Since birth till the demise of my mother; Segment Two from the age of 11 to the time of my marriage; Segment Three; from our marriage to the time of our first issue’s marriage; Segment Four Almost to the time we became grandparents; Segment Five From the time I joined legal fraternity as an Advocate and Miscellaneous. However, the reader would be enlightened with the details of the story of the author’s life, in the chronological order on the various topics. (i) Memoirs of Jhalla (A Silly Lad) (ii) Jhalla lands into an entirely new world; (iii) Almost decade-long-struggle for subsistence, in the offing; (iv) Almost 28-month-continual spell of schooling; (v) Entering into a new format of economic activity; (vi) Rudderless voyage, braving storms; (v) And thereafter, till attaining majority; (vi) A Pad Yatra (March on Foot); (vIi) Regular Employment, Durable Matrimonial Alliance, but Tryst with Visual Impairment; (viii) Commencement of an Era of Successes and the Resultant Happiness; (ix) Post-retirement `woes` and solutions thereof, founded on the valuable maxim `Though retired, yet not tired`. (ii) Graphic---- concentric circles (x) My Appraisals; (xi) Some Candid Assertions; (xii) Thinking Aloud, for a while; (xiii) Recalling some salient occasion worth mention; (xiv) Some Candid Assertions; (xv) An Expression of Absolute Satisfaction. Moto: Miscellaneous: Old, but not outdated yet!

1. It is the real life story of the author. He has tried his best to recall the oldest happening that he could from the memoirs of his life; now when he has already completed over eight decades of his life’s journey. His narration commences with the episode of a situation that he, `an infant around 3 years`. Time and again, he was compelling through his gestures his lactating mother to let him suck her breasts for milk. As she was busy in chat with the neighbouring ladies, the mother, as usual, had readied herself to place her one nipple into his mouth; when one of her friends participating in the chat, happen to ejaculate, “How long will you let him have his own way, ignoring your own health, particularly when you have already fed on your breasts the ten babies of your own?” Even today, he cherishes the memory of his childhood, particularly the couple of months he spent in the neighbouring district named Bannu; and studied in a co-educational missionary school. In fact, he has not forgotten the momentary verbal duel with a female classmate who had spontaneously `issued in his honour` the title Jhalla` when he had mistaken her to be a boy, keeping in mind her boyish dress and hair-cut; during his studies in the primary section of that High School. He was in the 11th year of his life, when his mother made her exit from this mortal world; consequently he came under the charge of his sister, just elder to him less than 3 years in age. However, the time was passing on more or less smoothly, till the communal riots broke out in the town, in the wake of the movement for the creation of Pakistan. By then, his sister had wedded and was living with her matrimonial family, in the same town. The city was set ablaze by the mischievous elements and this 12-13 year old boy was handed over to his paternal aunt (father’s lone sister), who brought him with self and four kids of hers, when her relatives could prepare to bring with them this widowed aunt of his with all the paraphernalia, in the form of five kids, including`Jhalla`. At that time, their destination was a hilly town called Una, a `Tehsil` (county) of the District Hoshiarpur,Punjab. Here, he was admitted to the class of the standard 8, on the basis of his claim that it was the first day of his new class (standard eight) When the destiny forced him to be taken away suddenly at the urgent request of his maternal uncle who had reached the school to fetch him, in the manner the other parents were doing in the case of their wards. His compassionate father reached Una, almost 45 days after his youngest son Had been admitted into the school for resumption of his studies there . For a couple of days, he stayed with his younger brother’s family and also disclosed his intention behind his travelling all the way from Sargodha, a district town of Punjab, already under the turmoil of communal fury propelling the exodus of minority community. Thus, this innocent lad was once again uprooted from the `academic field` and taken to Delhi by this prudent father of his, for being handed over to his `just married` elder brother and sister-in-law, for further bringing up. In Delhi, this innocent child `replete with self-esteem` had to face the newer types of vicissitudes of life, before getting an opportunity to resume his studies, once again. The oft-repeated obstacles provided by both of his brothers, living as heads of their own establishments, took a toll of this adolescent’s sense of economic security. Hence, left with no options to choose and/or plan his career. He kept on doing one or the other job that came his way; but eventually succeeded in designing his path to become teacher at the barest minimum cost of funds and time. His father urged him to enter into `matrimonial alliance` with the girl coming of a family already known to him for its repute of respectability, when he had just commenced earning on a regular basis as government servant. Both of them, soon began to realize that `we are made for each other`. Thus, this couple known to be as Mrs and Mr Asija, holding fast to our individual identity as Mrs K.Lata Asija and Manohar Asija, learnt to programme in unison whatever concerned our family. This attitude is still present in both of us. Our marital relationship yielded two issues, firstly male and seven years later, a female baby, in response to our joint prayers to Him. Our joint venture of growing our kids to be `good human beings` had been rewarded in the format of these two kids of ours settling in life to their individual satisfaction; and also making us, the parents feel proud of their accomplishments in the field of their own choice. We, me and my wife, had built up for the 4-member family of ours a well designed four-bedroom single-storey house of 170 square metres plot of fully developed colony, during the first quarter of our life together. Both of us were still enjoying enhancement in our academic levels. Though I had been finally declared to be legally blind, as the `onslaught of Retinitis Pigmentosa` had made it crystal clear for the doctors to issue a medical certificate to this effect, but it did not dampen my spirit as I joined Law college for the Degree course, LL.B, immediately after my retirement from the post of school teacher. It entitled me to practise as an Advocate, in any one or more courts in India, till the time I feel confident of doing justice to my clients. Our next quarter of married life placed us in the re-modeled house on this very plot, where we were feeling elated on the occasion of our `golden Jubilee`, a decade ago. By this time, the younger couple too had become the proud parents of two kids, a female and the other one a male baby. In 1998, having learnt about the availability of accessibility providing softwares for the Diferently-abled persons, I learnt the use of computer handling to my satisfaction, and making use of the newly acquired skill for my professional tasks, I took a fancy to writing for entertainment of my friends. My exposition on paper, in the form of a novel A Match of my Choice; and thereafter Exploring, Exploiting (my second novel) drew encouraging applause from every quarter of readers. Thus, I took a decision to keep on writing literary fiction and after getting my `intellectual property rights` registered with the competent authority, as per Indian Copyrights Act, I uploaded one by one my four novels, in quick succession, during 2012-13 at Project Gutenberg.Org. In the following years, I added my fifth and the sixth novel at the same portal of Project The author considers self together with other members of his family a very lucky group of souls put together in this unit.


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