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It was the Summer that Everything Change : Fingers Ogilvey and the FVK. Vs. the Terrors of Highland Park New Jersey: Fingers Ogilvey and the FVK. Vs. the Terrors of Highland Park New Jersey

By Shiffman, Samuel, N.

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Reproduction Date: 12/6/2012

Title: It was the Summer that Everything Change : Fingers Ogilvey and the FVK. Vs. the Terrors of Highland Park New Jersey: Fingers Ogilvey and the FVK. Vs. the Terrors of Highland Park New Jersey  
Author: Shiffman, Samuel, N.
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, Adventure
Collections: Authors Community, Adventure
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Publisher: Aod
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N. Shiffma, B. S. (2012). It was the Summer that Everything Change : Fingers Ogilvey and the FVK. Vs. the Terrors of Highland Park New Jersey. Retrieved from

It was the summer that everything changed for Johnny. The first thing he did was change his name from Shankadeep to Johnny Fingers (or just fingers for short.) He was not happy. His new name was not sticking. His friends continued to call him Shank and the only one he could get to call him fingers was that weird dude at the comic book shop. He would call out “Word Up Fingers Ogilvy “ whenever he came in to buy the latest issue of HATE comics or Bone. Here is a breakdown of all the other things that happened to Mr. Fingers during the summer. 1) Someone whom he became very close to during the summer (hint- its a new really cute girl neighbor) She dies of multiple bee stings while eating a poisonous mushroom. 2) He learns to travel between multiple alternate realities by a secret organization with the weird acronym (BNWP.) 3) The World is saved. However, everyone gets turned into a monkey. 4) He meets a really cool girl who on top of likening all the same types of stuff that boys like (video games, farting, making jokes about people’s mothers.) is also gorgeous, an excellent shot with a bow and arrow and owns a laser gun. 5) Crimes were solved. 6) The Good Guys won, bad guys died. 7) Clueless parents were never the wiser that any of this stuff was going on. 8) The main protagonist learned to make really kick butt pancakes, speak passable French and cook a chicken from scratch, meaning he could catch a live chicken, kill it, pluck it, gut it and then fry it up in a pan. 9) Reality briefly dissolved into chaos. 10) The book ends open ended with the possibility of multiple sequels. 11) Once again, everyone at the end of the book turns into a monkey. You know kids, parents really don’t understand.

ighland Park has its own rip in the time space continuum. If you need clarification as to what that means, please re-read “A Wrinkle in Time.” Or any of the other historical novels related to this anomaly. These types of places inevitably end up being called “Gates of Hell,” Usually because the local water companies take advantage of the fact that what gets dumped in ends up somewhere else (unfortunately, this is the case with humans as well.) Highland Parks own Gate to Hell is actually a rather disappointed in- stantaneous transfer location to the outskirts of Mannheim Luxembourg. There has actually been a non-disclosure agreement between Mannheim and Highland Park for over 200 years. Technically, you can neither destroy a gateway, cover it up with ce- ment nor change its destination. Going through more than once is also asking for trouble, due to the heavy incidence of miscorre- lation (i.e. you are not temporally recreated the right way when you reach the other side.) If you are brave/stupid or accident prone enough to wander through, and you live to see the other side without having your ears where your butt should be. You should consider yourself quite lucky indeed. Now for all of you thrill seekers the location of this particular portal is at the end of Cleveland Ave. Down a flight of stairs that were built by the local Lenape who used to throw their old, sick and annoying mem- bers through the gateway.

The real title of this book should be Highland Park Borough of Vampires, Werewolves, Midgets and Hobo Riots (see page 24 pictures of the Hobo Riots of 1918) Highland Park notably contains some other of the following interesting facts which for some reason have been left out of these two previous books regarding the Borough. At the end of Cleveland Ave. there is municipal water drain which is contains a portal which is a break in the time space continuum (it actually leads to Midget-Ville, Luxembourg.) For more information refer to chapter 17 of the Newberry Award winning book “It was the summer that everything changed.” Highland Park is the birthplace of Bubblegum Rock. “Love Goes where my Rosemarie Goes was written here.” By Gene “Rocky” Steinmetz. He latter went on to murder his family and bury them in their local municipal garden plot. It is Home of one of the Secret Uranium Processing Plants used to make the Oirst Atomic Bomb (Cleveland Ave. once again!) There is much more, but as you know there is only so much you can Oit on the cover of a book.


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