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By Taylor, Rigby

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Reproduction Date: 2011

Title: Sebastian  
Author: Taylor, Rigby
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, Drama and Literature, friendship, exhibitionism, thriller, abduction, murder, love, nudity, trade in body parts, gay
Collections: Erotic Fiction, Parapsychology, Experimental Psychology, Authors Community, Criminology, Psychology, Recreation, Medicine, Literature, Finance, Economy, Most Popular Books in China, Language, Favorites in India, Education
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Publisher: Self-published
Member Page: Rigby Taylor


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Sebastian is an intelligent look at alternative ways to live and love, presented as a thriller about the most horrific of the twenty-first century’s most lucrative human enterprises. If you're open to difference and enjoy a fast-paced thriller, then read and enjoy.

Sebastian is an enigma. Everyone likes him, but no one knows anything about him. He wears clothes only under protest, but no one seems to mind. To say his home life is unusual would be like saying the Amazon is a stream. Bizarre doesn’t even begin to describe his upbringing. He doesn’t know who his father was, he’s used as a therapist for broken youths, and yet he’s managed to remain a ‘normal’ and thoroughly nice guy… if one is prepared to see beyond his penchant for nudity. In this fast paced tale of criminal intrigue, abductions and mayhem, Sebastian and his boyfriend, Reginald, fight for their lives against the big moneyed bad boys.

During dinner Sebastian’s solitary life was laid bare. Speaking distractedly as if he were talking about someone else, he told about his irritable mother of whom he was so ashamed, never inviting anyone home, his rebellious nudity and sexually promiscuous behaviour that had been encouraged by his mother, who made a healthy profit from exploiting it. When questioned, he swore he had no idea where the money came from to buy the house or to sustain their life style, especially as Desolé was only the part time manager of a small employment agency. Rex and Fee remained sympathetically silent, letting Sebastian choose his own pace to speak about Jack and the ‘guests’, the private hospital where they recovered and Sebastian’s health was tested monthly, and to wonder why, despite becoming friends, none of the young men had contacted him after leaving. Finally they learned about Guapo’s escape, Desolé’s pretence that he was with Mr. Farzdbuk, and the discovery of the porno magazines and internet videos fed by hidden cameras. ‘If I hadn’t met Reginald at high school, and Mr. Noall hadn’t been so understanding, I’d be dead by now. I was a weird suicidal mess with a mad mother and no friends. Several times I bashed my head against a wall till I lost consciousness. Once I drank kitchen cleaner and couldn’t speak for weeks from throat burns, that’s why my voice is sort of husky.’ ‘Sexy,’ murmured Reginald. Sebastian grinned happily. ‘And then, by a pure fluke I learned I have a father after all, and he is the nicest teacher in school.’ ‘I thought Con Achilles held that position.’ ‘He’s a beaut guy and a good friend, but not father material. By the way, he knows all about me and the situation and wants to help us. He’s in love with Guapo you see, and he can’t come back till it’s settled.’ ‘You mean...Con’s gay?’ ‘Yeah. He dumped his fiancé when he met Guapo.’ ‘This is excellent news! He’s one tough guy! Just the muscle we might need.’ ‘Reginald’s a force to be reckoned with too, you know.’ Reginald blushed. ‘He saved me from a bashing the other day. Nearly killed the blokes, and is staying with me from now on.’ Reginald blushed and stuttered. ‘Yeah, well...I didn’t tell you, Seb, but after what you said to Mum she reckons you’re a bad influence and told me I was never to speak to you again.’ ‘So, what’re you doing here?’ ‘When I said she could take a running jump she gave me an ultimatum; either stop being gay or get out. So I got out.’ His three listeners gazed in astonishment and Reginald’s bravado began to slip. He couldn’t stop a trembling lip so turned away to hide what he feared was his weakness. Sebastian grabbed hold of Reginald’s shoulders and hugged him. ‘Reggie! That's terrible! You should've told me! Where are your things?’ ‘“I stormed out with only my school books.’ ‘No worries, you can have my clothes and we’d already decided you’d be staying with me.’ ‘You haven't got any clothes,’ Reginald said with a sad, wry smile. ‘Then you can have some of mine because from now on this is also your home, Reginald,’ Rex said softly. “You’re as welcome here as Sebastian, so that’s settled.’ He turned to Fee. ‘We now have two sons.’ ‘Much better than one,’ she said with a huge grin. And there’s a double bed for you both in the spare room. So no worries.’ Reginald swallowed and managed a smile. ‘Right,’ said Fee brightly, ‘now it’s time to make a list of what we don’t know, and ideas for action. Rex, pencil and paper. Reginald, check his spelling.’ ‘Yes, Ma-am.’ ‘We need answers to these questions: What happened to the young men? Why were the heavies who beat up and imprisoned Guapo, in the van with Farzdbuk when they arrived at Sebastian’s place? What were they planning for him? Where is this hospital? Who runs it? Who were the people at the farmhouse when Sebastian and Guapo arrived there after their weekend hike. Why was Guapo instructed to have sex with one? What other activities are they involved in?’ ‘Hang on! I’m getting behind.’ ‘And you’re a librarian,’ laughed Reginald, astonished at his daring. It was a novel experience for him to treat adults as equals. ‘Does your mother have a mobile phone?’ Fee asked. ‘She bought one of the simplest models but still couldn’t work out how to use it; forgot to keep it charged, and hated being available every minute of the day to whoever felt like phoning; although she phones me any time she wants to—so I turn mine off. That really bugs her. Also, she likes to think about things before answering and reckons on the phone people demand instant decisions and responses. We’ve a landline that goes to the answering machine so she can listen to callers and decide whether to respond.’ ‘Must be hard for her boss and staff.’ ‘Everyone emails her. When she’s home the internet’s always on and when an email arrives a little alarm sounds. It’s efficient and it means she has a written record of everything. ‘Sounds sensible,’ Fee nodded. ‘I also don’t like being available all the time, so I switch the phone off unless I want to use it. What sort of internet connection?’ ‘Satellite to router and ethernet to computer; wireless to mine.’ ‘What are the seven monitors connected to?’ ‘The computer.’ ‘So either she records directly onto the computer, then cuts DVDs to send on, or the ones you saw are copies for herself, and she sends the videos directly over the internet. Where does she work?’ ‘In an employment agency for young women, on James Cook highway. It’s called Gopher Girls.’ ‘Got that, Rex?’ He nodded. ‘What employment does Desolé find for the young women, and where’s Farzdbuk’ s hospital?’ ‘No idea about the girls, but the hospital’s south about ten kilometres, then turn into the hills. I’ll draw you a map.’ ‘What’s it called and why does he need a hospital?’ ‘As far as I know it doesn’t have a name, we just call it Farzdbuk’s hospital, and why he has it I’ve no idea.’ ‘Very suspicious.’ ‘But they do a good job on the guys.’ ‘After first damaging them,’ Reginald said bluntly. ‘Indeed!’ Rex agreed. ‘What’s your mother’s email address?’ ‘DS at ourserver dot net. She reckons she’s part French and if you say D S like the French do, it means goddess.’ ‘For years the largest Citroen was called the DS for that reason,’ Rex volunteered, but no one was listening as Fee had jumped to her feet. ‘Come with me.’ She led the way to her office where Reginald gasped. ‘Fee! All this electronic gear! What’s your job?’ ‘I freelance for several banks; annoying hackers.’ ‘D’you work for the cops too?’ ‘And have them come one night and beat me up because I’m black so must be a dumb crook? No thanks.’ ‘What’re you going to do?’ ‘Create a fake, no-reply, untraceable email address, so I can send an attachment to Desolé that when opened will instruct her computer to send a copy of everything she uploads or downloads to my computer.’ ‘A virus?’ ‘Not really, it won’t harm her computer.’ ‘Can I watch?’ ‘Of course.’ Her hands flew over the keys and she sat back. ‘What do you reckon?’ ‘Ever-young Cosmetics Ltd.’ Reginald read. ‘Dear Desolé Sanspere, we are delighted to inform you that you have been selected to take part in a six-month free trial of the entire range of our beauty care cosmetics. Simply open the attachment and follow the link to claim five hundred dollars worth of exclusive crèmes and lotions. Sincerely, Esmé d’Antin, Senior Executive Officer, The Phoebe Foundation of Beauty.’ ‘Not bad,’ Sebastian laughed. ‘She uses tonnes of makeup. Does the link work?’ ‘No, all she’ll get is a message telling her the address can’t be found.’ Fee smiled as she attached the link and pressed send. ‘Let’s hope she reads it soon.’ ‘When will we know?’ ‘When this computer starts beeping. That'll mean she’s opened the link and there’s incoming information.’ ‘How many computers have you?’ ‘Two powerful ones for my work, a laptop for private.’ ‘Sorry to interrupt,’ Rex broke in, ‘but it’s already dark and you don’t want to arrive home suspiciously late. Stick your bikes in the back of the wagon and I’ll drive you home. There’s no moon and you’ve no lights on your bikes.’ ‘When can we come back?’ ‘The welcome mat’s out twenty-four/seven. From today this house is yours. And the minute this is cleared up you’re both coming to live with us. School holidays start on Friday and we’ll work solidly on it then. OK?’ Sebastian gave Rex an impulsive hug, and Fee a kiss on the cheek then ran from the room before they could see his tears. It was all too good. Something was going to go wrong. Nothing good ever lasted. He was silent all the way home, leaving Reginald to talk quietly with Rex and agree to return on Saturday with Sebastian to stay for a few days, telling Desolé they’d be going camping.

Table of Contents
Chapter One Chapter Two Chapter Three Chapter Four Chapter Five Chapter Six Chapter Seven Chapter Eight Chapter Nine Chapter Ten Chapter Eleven Chapter Twelve Chapter Thirteen Chapter Fourteen Chapter Fifteen


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