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The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages : Tribulations and Intractability of Improving Others

By Ved from Victoria Institutions

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Reproduction Date: 6/4/2013

Title: The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages : Tribulations and Intractability of Improving Others  
Author: Ved from Victoria Institutions
Language: English
Subject: Non Fiction, Social Sciences, Feudal language
Collections: Politics, Authors Community, Education
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Publisher: Victoria Institutions


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From Victoria Institutions, B. V. (2013). The Shrouded Satanism in Feudal Languages : Tribulations and Intractability of Improving Others. Retrieved from

This book I wrote, I presume, in 2013. It is a huge book of epic parameters. The basic underlying theme is the essential difference, planar-languages has with feudal-languages. Feudal languages are quite powerful, in that, the moment they are spoken, the social structure and human relationships change powerfully into a custom-design hierarchy, depending on the language. When planar-languages are spoken, the social system and human relationship shift towards a planar arrangement. For a planar-language social system to experience feudal-language communication is a very creepy experience. Individuals can go berserk. Mental trauma and emotional terrors, which cannot be understood by the native-English, will effect individuals selectively; with the others having no idea that some individuals among them have been effected. This is a very vital piece of information which all native-English nations should understand. For, youngsters, persons engaged in professions which are defined in pejorative usages in feudal-languages, and various others can literally go mentally ill, when accosted or connected with feudal-language speakers. The issue of Gun violence in the US in which innately decent and peaceful persons go homicidal can be directly or indirectly connected to the affliction caused by feudal languages. I very specifically mention the name of Adam Purinton in this connection. It is dangerous to allow bilingualism to run riot in native-English nations, if the other language is a feudal-language. For, feudal languages do have carnivorous codes. Inside feudal-language nations, people do keep a distance from lower-positioned persons and groups of persons, who can, if they want, bite them verbally, without the use of any abusive word, profanity or expletive. Simply change the indicant-word level of certain key words. The terrific damage is done. Modern psychology and psychiatry can be utter nonsense. They do not know about these things. Verbal signals can trigger various kinds of switch-on and switch-off effects in others. Instead of focusing on the person who has been affected, it would be more intelligent and effective to find out who is sending the switch-on and switch-off signals. And send them home to their home-lands. Feudal languages can create mutation in physical features, emotional balance, human relationships, national economy, and stature of professions, and in many more things about which native-English nations have no information on. It is dangerous for the native-English to learn feudal-languages, when living in the midst of feudal-language speakers. It would only have the effect of allowing the feudal-language speakers to place a powerful grip on them, physically and mentally. In fact, the feudal languages speakers would literally be able to control the emotional stability of the native-English speakers, if they can be made to understand feudal languages. It would be like string-puppetry. The native-English who have learned feudal languages can literally be made to dance, yell and jump as per the pull and push that can be conveyed by means of the holding strings of the verbal codes in feudal-languages. At the same time, for feudal language speakers, knowing English is a great advantage. It would give a very powerful pathway and bridge for them to crossover the various gorges in their own communication code and enter into the placid native-English locations. As of now, almost all native-English nations are simply getting dismantled and disarrayed by the spread of feudal-language speakers inside their vital areas. Things are going into various errors. Much worse is in the offing, unless effective steps are taken to forestall them. I wrote this book some five years back. In this book, a bit of the personal experiments I have done many years ago on certain individuals has been mentioned. This book is not focused on the internal codes in feudal-languages. This book moves through the peripheral areas of many other items, including the English colonial rule in the subcontinent.

Essence of improving Now this brings us to the essential question of: what is improving others? The easiest ideas would be giving them food, giving them education, giving them dress and such other things. Well, food is an essential requirement. Since the word education is a wide one, for the time being one can say, giving information. Dress is also a part of social living. Well, these are only the minimal things, which only make a person barely sustain himself or herself in social living. These are not the components of improving another person or a group of persons. These are just give the bare essentials to which a citizen of a nation is entitled to, or which he or she acquires by means of work, wealth, pleading, begging, stealing, flattering, sycophancy, representation etc. Improving is another concept altogether. It is the encoding of certain refining codes that allows a person to live with a level of dignity, self-confidence, basic human rights such as: Right to the security of a family life secure from intrusive words of outsiders Right to the security of a family life secure from pejorative indicant words of outsiders Right to dignified behaviour/s from others Right to ease of posture and pose which others have or use Right to sit on a chair Right to sit at a table Right to sleep on a cot Right to be addressed without pejoratives Right to not to be forced to concede homage, obeisance, and words of respect etc. to others who forcefully can dominate Right to address and communicate with the officialdom with words which others, including the social and official superiors, use to the officials Right to accept and address government officials as persons of only equal dignity and stature, and not as divinities and persons to be paid homage and pose of servitude What is known This is a concept of human refinement no one really talks about. It may not be true to say that no one knows about these things. It is my personal understanding that people from the feudal language nations and social systems are quite aware of these things, even if these are not in a listed manner as given above, in their minds. For, in feudal language social systems, people communicate very carefully choosing words and usages with meticulous deliberation, fully knowing the ennobling versus degrading effect they have, the amounts of social freedom encoded in each one of them, and also fully aware of the shackling versus unfettering effect it has on persons or groups of persons. Apposition of opposites The funniest aspect of this is that the native-English speakers do not have the slightest of inkling about these things. Yet, they feel that they had been the greatest suppressors in this world. This is because the items listed above do not have any pertinence in languages such as English. Such things cannot be discussed or made understood in a purely English experience. This is the whole paradox of the theme of human liberty, human dignity, human rights, racism, racial discrimination etc. The greatest of liberators are seen as the greatest of oppressors! People, who bear the most diabolic mental content in their minds, bask in the glorious deceitful limelight by being known as the best of human races!!

Table of Contents
01. INTRODUCTION 02. Essence of improving 03. Command codes in the language software 04. SPONTANEOUS BLOCK TO INFORMATION 05. Forgetting as a social art 06. What the Colonial British faced 07. The third quandary 08. A personal briefing 09. Fifth issue 10. The sixth issue 11. Conceptualising looting 12. Insights from my own training programme 13. A colonial British quandary 14. Entering the world of animals 15. Travails of training 16. Notes on education, bureaucracy etc. in India 17. On to Christian religion 18. The master classes strike back 19. Codes and routes of command 20. The sly stance of feudal indicant codes 21. Pristine English and its faded form 22. How they take the mile! 23. Media as an indoctrination tool 24. How a nation lost its independence 25. Social engineering 26. Social engineering and sex appeal 27. Conceptualising Collective Wisdom 28. Defining feudalism 29. British colonialism versus American hegemony 30. Revolting against a benevolent governance 31. The destination 32. Back again to Travancore 33. Media and its frill sides 34. Online unilateral censorship 35. Codes of mutual repulsion 36. Understanding a single factor of racism 37. Light into the darkness 38. The logic of blocking information 39. Mediocre might 40. Dangers of non-cordoned democracy 41. The barrage of blocks 42. Greatness of the US 43. Where Muslims deviate from pristine Islam 44. Film stars as popular trainers 45. Freedom of speech and feudal languages 46. Wearing out refinement 47. Leading the Anglosphere 48. Indian Culture 49. The miserable Indian media 50. A low quality idea 51. What a local self government could do 52. The tantalising aspects of quality improvement of a people 53. Parameters of spamming 54. Profound quality enhancement 55. The innate English stance 56. Frill elements of quality improvement 57. Enter the twilight zone 58. Continuing on human development 59. Refinements associated with automobile driving 60. Back to Quality Improvement 61. Entering an area of tremulous disquiet 62. Stature on an elevated platform 63. The sly and treacherous debauchery 64. Reflections of a personal kind 65. Observations on the blossoming effect of gold versus the contorting effect of pounding dirt 66. Facets of the training: Seeing magnanimity as gullibility 67. Secure refinement versus insecure odium 68. Clowning around with precious antiquity 69. Handing over helpless entities to vicious crooks 70. Trade, fair and foul 71. The complexities in the virtual codes 72. Mania in the codes 73. Satanic codes on the loose 74. Jallianwalabagh incident 75. A digression and a detour 76. Teaching Hindi in Australia 77. Seeming quixotic features of a very strange training 78. Disincentives in teaching English 79. Who should rule? 80. What is it that I am doing? 81. When oblivion takes over 82. From the ‘great’ ‘Indian’ history 83. Routes to quality enhancement Epilogue


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