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Bare Liberty

By Erickson, Matt, R.

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Book Id: WPLBN0100000462
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Reproduction Date: 10/03/2015

Title: Bare Liberty  
Author: Erickson, Matt, R.
Language: English
Subject: Fiction, History of America
Collections: Authors Community, Literature
Publication Date:
Publisher: Patriot Corps
Member Page: Matt Erickson


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As these proud and once-prosperous United States of America continue in tragic decline, Mark Evanston leaps back into action in the third and final installment of the Bald Justice series, Bare Liberty. Working with his colleagues at the Patriot Corps, Mark continues on with his Patriot Quest to eliminate government tyranny, once and for all. Mark routs out evil where it lurks most prevalently, within our monetary system which was cleverly separated from the gold and silver coin which is otherwise required by our U.S. Constitution. By understanding precisely how our government is able to ignore the Constitution with impunity, Mark soon devises his proposed cure, his Once and For All Amendment. Bare Liberty provides the solid rationale for proposing and ratifying a new constitutional amendment in story form, to close the constitutional loophole which has always allowed government to act in all cases whatsoever, to act everywhere except where they are expressly prohibited from acting. By Building Awareness of Republican Knowledge, the Patriot Corps is able to help Restore Our American Republic. By individually learning to B.A.R.K., collectively we may learn to R.O.A.R.

Bare Liberty is the last of the three-part Bald Justice series, telling the story that needs to be told about America's monetary subterfuge, replacing gold and silver coin with paper currency.

“I have to admit, my first killing shocked me,” Terry admitted. “Not because it was so hard, but actually because it was so easy and even more so because it was thrilling. Total dominion over someone else is very intoxicating, so much better than alcohol, drugs, or even sex. Actually, it was even better killing someone who had willingly just given me great sex only hours earlier, who now welcomed me back, only for me to then kill her.” “Your first killing?” Mark was able to get out, before figuring out that Terry must have also killed Stan Bogelman and Mike Holladay. “I can see you now realize that I also killed Stan and Mike, as well as your sex double Art Black down in California, after your investigators began closing in on him,” Terry offered. “And now I see you finally understand that I’m telling you all this so I can get a bigger thrill out of killing you next.” Mark had no time to try and process that information, but simply react, more aggressively than he had ever acted in his lifetime. Mark sprinted the few yards toward Terry with all the speed and determination he could possible muster, but Terry was easily able to act much more quickly, and he begin firing rounds point-blank into Mark’s chest. Nevertheless Mark did not immediately stop, so neither did Terry, with Terry being able to get off four rounds into the mass moving his way. Mark wasn’t sure where he had been hit, but he realized that his life on this earth could perhaps be coming to a quick end. He didn’t have time to decide whether to go for Terry’s gun to stop the flow of bullets coming at him, or in essence to go straight for the jugular. Without realizing it, Mark chose the latter. Perhaps he would not have the power or ability to stop his killer from killing him, but that didn’t prevent Mark from doing everything in his own power to at least try and take this evil killer with him. With what could easily be the last remaining effort of his body, Mark was able to grab the back of Terry’s ample head of hair with his left hand and violently rotate that hand toward him while he simultaneously thrust his open right palm into Terry’s jaw with a vicious twisting action of that jaw…up, up and away…with a little added tilting of the head thrown in for good measure. Terry’s top two cervical vertebrae in his neck — his atlas and axis vertebrae — were given their final chiropractic adjustment of a lifetime, to someone fully-deserving of the end result, a true rotary break. Terry’s now-limp body immediately fell to the ground with a resounding thud which Mark had not witnessed since his youth when one of the family steers was butchered, after it was felled with a single 22-calibre bullet right between the eyes. With Mark’s assailant falling to the ground and from Mark’s forward momentum, Mark lost his balance and fell head-over-heels over Terry’s twisted body, hitting his own head on the pavement in the process. As Mark’s right hand went flaccid, the Seated Liberty dollar which was still in his hand and which had left an impression on Terry’s jaw rolled out onto the concrete before it began a slow, downward spiral, ending finally with a longer-resonating, higher-frequency ‘ping’, helping let any trader within earshot know that the coin was sound, that it had admirably passed an impromptu ring test for authenticity.


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