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4th Special Operations Squadron

4th Special Operations Squadron

4th Special Operations Squadron Patch
Active 8 April 1942 – 31 March 1944
27 October 1949 – 8 March 1954
2 August 1965 – 15 December 1969
1 April 1970 – 30 September 1992
1 May 1995 – present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Type Special Operations
Part of Air Force Special Operations Command
1st Special Operations Wing
1st Special Operations Group
Garrison/HQ Hurlburt Field
Nickname Ghostriders
Decorations RVGC w/ Palm

The 4th Special Operations Squadron (4 SOS) is part of the 1st Special Operations Wing at Hurlburt Field, Florida. It operates AC-130U Spooky aircraft providing special operations capability.


Directly supports unified and theater special operations commands by conducting close air support, armed reconnaissance, and interdiction missions worldwide in support of Secretary of Defense taskings.[1]

The AC-130U aircraft flown by the 4th SOS are maintained by the 4th Aircraft Maintenance Unit.


The 4th ferried aircraft to locations in Alaska, Africa, and Europe from, April 1942 – February 1944. It also airlifted cargo and evacuated wounded to US military hospitals.[2]

The 4th flew combat missions in Vietnam from, c. 20 November 1965 – 30 November 1969.[2]

It provided an auxiliary command post and a communications link for the Fifteenth Air Force and Strategic Air Command from, 1 April 1970 – 30 September 1992.[2]

In September 1996, the squadron deployed to Brindisi, Italy, supporting Operation Joint Endeavor in the skies over Bosnia and Herzegovina. The squadron saw its first combat operations since the Vietnam War in April 1999 over Kosovo while supporting Operation Allied Force. The 4th was called upon to strike Taliban and Al-Qaeda targets in Afghanistan In the fall of 2001. In the spring of 2003 the 4th participated in the invasion of Iraq. During the initial 2 months of the conflict the 4th flew more than 1000 combat hours from 3 separate forward operating locations.[1]



  • 4th Air Corps Ferrying Squadron (1942–1943)
  • 4th Ferrying Squadron (1943–1949)
  • 4th Liaison Flight (1949–1952)
  • 4th Liaison Squadron (1952–1965)
  • 4th Air Commando Squadron (Fire Support) (1965–1968)
  • 4th Special Operations Squadron (1968–1970)
  • 4th Airborne Command and Control Squadron (1970–1995)
  • 4th Special Operations Squadron (1995 – present)


Bases stationed[2]

Aircraft Operated[2]




  • USAF 4th Special Operations Squadron History
  • 4th Special Operations Squadron Fact Sheet

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