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List of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models

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Title: List of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models  
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Subject: Halfway, Oregon, Sports Illustrated, Marisa Miller, Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Paulina Porizkova, The Dan Patrick Show, Cover model, Brooklyn Decker, Bikini in popular culture
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List of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models

List of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover models enumerates the chronological history of cover models for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue has grown from being an issue of Sports Illustrated magazine created just to creatively fill space at a time of year with little sports news into a major marketing franchise that includes a special separate issue, a website, television specials, calendars, books and enormous amounts of advertising. It began as a short photo spread of women in bathing suits and has become a fashion issue for beachwear worn by the world's top models. Being the subject of the Sports Illustrated magazine cover is a well chronicled event which has both become a measure by which fame is measured and a status which is supposedly accompanied by a curse known as the "SI Jinx".[1] There seems to have been no reports of any association of the SI Jinx with the swimsuit issue.

The media considers being the cover person for Sports Illustrated an important career statistic for notable persons and keeps track of cover appearance counts with Michael Jordan having taken over the leadership from Muhammad Ali.[2][3] In the internet era, Time Warner had to create a dedicated web page for Sport Illustrated cover research.[4]

There is a lot of public interest in who is on the cover of fashion magazines with websites dedicated to the subject.[5] For supermodels being on the cover of important magazines is a matter of prestige and achieving the cover of Sports Illustrated's annual swimsuit edition is quite a celebrated highlight.[6] It is especially noteworthy if a cover model is fortunate enough to have a solo cover appearance.[7] The unveiling of the swimsuit issue cover and its model is a media event,[8] widely reported in the press.[9]

For many the mere sight of bronzed bathing beauties on the cover of a sports magazine is quite a moral issue. The issue generates numerous letters from readers both in support and in opposition of the issue each year. Numerous subscribers cancel subscriptions as a matter of propriety annually. Recently, Time Warner took action to avoid many of the complainants by withholding the Swimsuit issue from certain types of recipients, such as libraries and schools.[10]

Numerous types of trivia and statistics are monitored regarding the swimsuit issue cover subjects. Several have gone on to subsequent success in Hollywood.[11] Others have become the spouses of notable celebrities.[11] The following list is a list of models chosen as subjects for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, incorporating some related statistics and trivia.

List of covers

Issue [12] Name (appearance) Nationality Notes
1964-01-20[13] Babette March  Germany
1965-01-18[14] Sue Peterson  United States
1966-01-17[15] Sunny Bippus  United States
1967-01-16[16] Marilyn Tindall  United States
1968-01-15[17] Turia Mau  France
1969-01-13[18] Jamee Becker  United States
1970-01-12[19] Cheryl Tiegs  United States
1971-02-01[20] Tannia Rubiano  United States
1972-01-17[21] Shelia Roscoe  United States
1973-01-29[22] Dayle Haddon  Canada
1974-01-28[23] Ann Simonton  United States
1975-01-27[24] Cheryl Tiegs (2)  United States first repeat cover model
1976-01-19[25] Yvette Sylvander
Yvonne Sylvander
first multi-subject cover
1977-01-24[26] Lena Kansbod  Sweden
1978-01-16[27] Maria Joao  Brazil most cancellations (340),[28] most letters regarding a cover (2947)[11]
1979-02-05[29] Christie Brinkley  United States
1980-02-04[30] Christie Brinkley (2)  United States
1981-02-09[31] Christie Brinkley (3)  United States first three-time cover model
1982-02-08[32] Carol Alt  United States
1983-02-14[33] Cheryl Tiegs (3)  United States
1984-02-13[34] Paulina Porizkova  Czechoslovakia Paulina Porizkova was the youngest Swimsuit Issue cover model at age 18[35]
1985-02-11[36] Paulina Porizkova (2)  Czechoslovakia
1986-02-10[37] Elle Macpherson  Australia
1987-02-09[38] Elle Macpherson (2)  Australia
1988-02-15[39] Elle Macpherson (3)  Australia
1989-02-07[40] Kathy Ireland  United States Best selling swimsuit issue,[11] 25th anniversary
1990-02-12[41] Judit Masco  Spain
1991-02-11[42] Ashley (Richardson) Montana  United States
1992-03-09[43] Kathy Ireland (2)  United States
1993-02-22[44] Vendela Kirsebom  Norway
1994-02-14[45] Kathy Ireland (3)
Elle Macpherson (4)
Rachel Hunter
 United States
 New Zealand
pregnant cover models (Ireland Hunter),[11] first four-time cover model
1995-02-20[46] Daniela Pestova  Czech Republic
1996-01-29[47] Valeria Mazza
Tyra Banks
 United States
first African-American cover model
1997-02-21[48] Tyra Banks (2)  United States first dedicated special issue,[28] first African-American solo cover model.[7][49]
1998-02-20[50] Heidi Klum  Germany
1999-02-12[51] Rebecca Romijn  United States
2000-02-01[52] Daniela Pestova (2)  Czech Republic
2001-02-01[53] Elsa Benitez  Mexico
2002-02-01[54] Yamila Diaz  Argentina
2003-02-18[55] Petra Němcová  Czech Republic
2004-02-10[56] Veronica Vařeková
inset Anna Kournikova
 Czech Republic
40th anniversary
2005-02-15[57] Carolyn Murphy
inset Jessica White, Marisa Miller, Yamila Diaz
 United States
 United States,  United States,  Argentina
2006-02-17[58] Veronica Vařeková (2)
Elle Macpherson (5)
Rebecca Romijn (2)
Rachel Hunter (2)
Daniela Pestova (3)
Elsa Benitez (2)
Carolyn Murphy (2)
Yamila Diaz (2)
inset Heidi Klum, Maria Sharapova
 Czech Republic
 United States
 New Zealand
 Czech Republic
 United States
inset  Germany,  Russia
McPherson’s record 5th cover
2007-02-15[59] Beyoncé Knowles
inset Bar Refaeli
 United States
First non-model/non-athlete; 2nd African-American
2008-02-12[60] Marisa Miller  United States
2009-02-10[61] Bar Refaeli
inset Brooklyn Decker
 United States
2010-02-12[62] Brooklyn Decker  United States
2011-02-15[63] Irina Shayk
inset Kate Upton
 United States
First Russian cover model
2012-02-14[64] Kate Upton
inset Alex Morgan
 United States
 United States
2013-02-15[65] Kate Upton (2)
inset Hannah Davis
 United States
 United States


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