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List of places in Romania whose names were changed

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Title: List of places in Romania whose names were changed  
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Subject: Brașov, Lists of place names
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List of places in Romania whose names were changed

During the twentieth century, a number of places in Romania had their names changed for various reasons. For instance, Braşov was called Oraşul Stalin by the Communist regime in order to pay homage to the Soviet leader. Some of those names were changed back to the original; Brașov regained its old name as Romania's leadership began to develop policies more independent of the Soviet Union. The reason for many Transylvanian name changes was to give a more "Romanian-sounding" name to certain settlements, since in many case the original Romanian name was too close to the Hungarian or German one, from which it was derived from (usually a simple re-writing of the name according to Romanian phonetics).

This list enumerates the changes made from 1921 onwards.

Not included are the names of localities in the Banat, in Transylvania, and in Bukovina that were changed from Hungarian and/or German to Romanian immediately after World War I, the names of localities in Northern Transylvania that were changed back to Hungarian from 1940 to 1944, and those of localities in Greater Romania that today no longer form part of Romania, such as Southern Dobrudja and the Bugeac.

Original name New name Period
Akbaș Albeşti, Constanţa County unknown
Alakap Poarta Albă, Constanţa County unknown
Arpătac Araci, Covasna County 1925
Aziza Saligny, Constanţa County unknown
Bairamdede Independenţa, Constanţa County since the 1930s
Bendorf Beneşti, Sibiu County 1925
Beșeneu Pădureni, Covasna County 1960
Biulbiul (Bülbül) Ciocârlia, Constanţa County unknown
Binținți Aurel Vlaicu, Hunedoara County 1925
Braşov Orașul Stalin, Braşov County 8 September 1950 - 24 December 1960
Brătieni Brăduleţ, Argeş County since 1949
Budiul de Câmpie Papiu Ilarian, Mureş County 1925
Canara, Kanara Ovidiu, Constanţa County 1930
Caracoium (Karakoium), Carachioi Năvodari, Constanţa County 1927
Caracicula Limanu, Constanţa County 1920-1940 (?)
Caraomer, Cara Omer (Karaomer) Negru Vodă, Constanţa County since 1926
Caranasuf Istria, Constanţa County 1920 - 1940 (?)
Carasu (Karasu) Medgidia, Constanţa County since 02.09.1856
Cartal (Kartal) Vulturu, Constanţa County unknown
Cerchezchioi Cerchezu, Constanţa County unknown
Chiostel (Köstel) Castelu, Constanţa County unknown
Cioara Bărăganul, Brăila County since the 1950s (?)
Cioara Săliştea, Alba County 1960
Coronini Pescari, Caraş-Severin County 1960–1996
Cogealia, Kogea Ali (Koca Ali); Valea Neagră Lumina, Constanţa County Cogealia until 1929; Valea Neagră between 1929 and 1965
Coșlar Coşlariu, Alba County 1956
Coaciu Făureni, Cluj County 1925
Cristuru Secuiesc I. G. Duca, Odorhei County 1933–1940
Cuhea Bogdan Vodă, Maramureş County 1974
Cuzgun (Kuzgun) Ion Corvin, Constanţa County 1920 - 1940 (?)
Cetad Lenauheim, Timiş County 1925
Danachioi, Carol I Nicolae Bălcescu, Constanţa County unknown
Dealul Calului Poiana Horea, Cluj County 1956
Diciosânmărtin Târnăveni, Mureş County since 3 May 1941
Docuzol Cuza Vodă, Constanţa County unknown
Domnești Cogealac, Constanţa County unknown
Eforie Sud Vasile Roaită, Constanţa County 1949–1965
Enge-Mahale Mereni, Constanţa County 1920-1940 (?)
Fărcădinul de Jos Unirea, Hunedoara County General Berthelot 1925-1960
Fărcașfalău Lupeni, Harghita County 1921
Felța Floreşti, Sibiu County 1950
Feneșul Săsesc Floreşti, Cluj County 1925
Florica Ştefăneşti, Argeş County since 1949
Frâua Axente Sever, Sibiu County 1950
Gargalâcul-Mic Corbu, Constanţa, Constanţa County unknown
Gherengic (Gerencik) Pecineaga, Constanţa County unknown, I.G. Duca between 1933–1940
Ghiurfalău Cluj County 1925
Ghiuvenlia (Güvenli) Chirnogeni, Constanţa County unknown
Ghiriș Câmpia Turzii, Cluj County 1925
Hairanchioi (Hayranköy) Dumbrăveni, Constanţa County unknown
Hasancea Valu lui Traian, Constanţa County since 1925
Hașiduluc Cumpăna, Constanţa County since 1926
Hărăstaș Călăraşi, Cluj County 1925
Hermeziu Lunca Prutului, County Iaşi unknown-1996
Hidiș Podeni, Cluj County 1925
Hususău Valea Lungă, Alba County 1925
Iad Livezile, Bistriţa-Năsăud County 1960
Ibașfalău Dumbrăveni, Sibiu County 1925
Ienidja, Ienigea, Enigea Deleni, Constanţa County since 1940
Ilanlâc Vama Veche, Constanţa County 1920-1940 (?)
Inancișmea (İnançeșme) Fântânele, Constanţa County unknown
Indol Deleni, Cluj County 1925
Jădani Corneşti, Timiş County 1960
Kara Murat, Ferdinand I Mihail Kogălniceanu, Constanţa County Kara Murat until the 1930s; Ferdinand I until 1948
Luca Mureş County since 1952 Lukafalva
Mețențiu Ady Endre, Satu Mare County 1957
Milişăuţi Emil Bodnăraș, Suceava County 1970 (?) - 1996
Murfatlar Basarabi, Constanţa County Basarabi between 1924 and 1965 and between 1980 and 2007
Mustafa Agi (Mustafa Aci) Comana, Constanţa, Constanţa County unknown
Musubei (Musubey) Horia, Constanţa County unknown
Nirașteu Ungheni, Mureş County 1921
Ocna Şugatag Ocna Maramureșului, Maramureş County 1987–1990
Oneşti Gheorghe Gheorghiu Dej, Bacău County 1965–1996
Osmanfacâ Bărăganu, Constanţa County 1920-1940 (?)
Osmanu Unirea, Brăila County since the 1950s (?)
Parachioi Băneasa, Constanţa County since the 1930s (?)
Pazarlia Târguşor, Constanţa County unknown
Peletlia Săcele, Constanţa County 1920-1940 (?)
Porcești Turnu Roşu, Sibiu County 1960
Potoc Deleni, Mureş County 1921
Reghinul Săsesc Reghin, Mureş County 1925
Satișchioi (Satișköy) Crucea, Constanţa County unknown
Sănmărtinul Sărat Gligoreşti, Cluj County 1925
Sânmicloș Nicoleni, comuna Şimoneşti, Harghita County 1921
Sânmihaiu Mihăileni, comuna Şimoneşti, Harghita County 1921
Sânmihaiu de Jos + Sânmihaiu de Sus Mihai Viteazu, Cluj County 1925
Slujitorii Albotești Zăvoaia, Brăila County since the 1950s (?)
Somfalău Corneşti, Mureş County 1925
Șard Noroieni, Satu Mare County 1921
Șaroșul Unguresc Delenii, Mureş County 1960
Ştei Orașul Dr. Petru Groza, Bihor County 1958–1996
Șiminfalău Şimoneşti, Harghita County 1921
Șocariciu Unirea, Ialomiţa County unknown
Ștena Dacia, Braşov County 1950
Tașaul Piatra, Mihail Kogălniceanu commune, Constanţa County since the 1950s
Tașpunor (Tașpınar) Siliştea, Constanţa County unknown
Tatlâgeac Mare, Domnița Elena 23 August, Constanţa County ?
Tăul Boilor Deleni, Mureş County 1960
Tâmpăhaza Rădeşti, Alba County 1925
Trascău Rimetea, Alba County 1925
Uifalău Ferdinand (interwar); Nicolae Bălcescu, Bacău County since 1948
Uifalău Traian, Bacău County unknown since when
Uioara Ocna Mureş, Alba County Ocna Mureșului 1925-1956
Unguri Arini, Bacău County since 1967
Vaidasig Gura Arieşului, Alba County 1925
Valea Boierească Viişoara, Argeş County since the 1950s [1]
Verpolea Pădureni, Suceava County 1968 [2]
Vințu de Sus Unirea, Alba County 1925
Vorumloc Valea Viilor, Sibiu County 1960
Zaclău I. C. Brătianu, Tulcea County unknown since when
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