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2010–11 Moldovan Cup

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Title: 2010–11 Moldovan Cup  
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Subject: Moldovan Cup, FC Iskra-Stal, 2011–12 UEFA Europa League
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2010–11 Moldovan Cup

2010–11 Moldovan Cup
Country Moldova
Teams 30
Champions Iskra-Stal
Runners-up Olimpia

2010-11 Moldovan Cup is the 20th season of the Moldovan annual football tournament. The competition started in September 2010 with the first round and will end with the final held on May 26, 2011.[1]

First Round

In this round enter teams from lower divisions "A" Division and "B" Division. They will play against 6 winner teams from the second preliminary round. The draw took place September 14, 2010. The round matches are scheduled to be played September 15, 2010, unless otherwise noted.[2]

Viişoara 2–1 Olimp
Flăcara 2–5 Mipan-Voran
Dava 1–5 Ursidos
Drochia 0–1 Locomotiv Bălţi
Orhei Star 2–3 Lilcora
Izvoraş-67 3–0 Dinamo-Auto Tiraspol
Trachia 1–4 Speranţa
Alifomix 0–3 CSCA-Buiucani
Saxan 2–3 Cahul-2005
Victoria 2–3 Intersport-Aroma

Second Round

In this round entered 6 teams from the National Division. These matches were played on 22 September 2010.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Viişoara 0–6 Costuleni
Mipan-Voran 0–5 Tiraspol
Ursidos 2–0 Dinamo Bender
Locomotiv Bălţi 0–1 Lilcora
Izvoraş-67 4–1 Speranţa
CSCA-Buiucani 0–3 Sfîntul Gheorghe
Cahul-2005 0–0 (a.e.t.)
5–4 (pen.)
Intersport-Aroma 0–2 Nistru Otaci

Third Round

In this round entered the eight winners from the previous round and the remaining eight teams from the National Division. These matches were played on 27 October 2010.

Team 1  Score  Team 2
Sheriff 3–0 Costuleni
Tiraspol 1–1 (a.e.t.)
5–4 (pen.)
Ursidos 0–1 Iskra-Stal
Lilcora 0–3 CSCA–Rapid
Izvoraş-67 0–4 Academia UTM
Olimpia 1–0 Sfîntul Gheorghe
Cahul-2005 1–1 (a.e.t.)
9–8 (pen.)
Nistru Otaci 1–4 Dacia


This round featured the eight winners from the previous round and was played over two legs. The first legs were played on 10 November 2010 and the second legs were played on 24 November 2010.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
CSCA–Rapid 1–3 Iskra-Stal 1–1 0–2
Tiraspol 2–5 Sheriff 2–3 0–2
Olimpia 3–0 Academia UTM 2–0 1–0
Cahul-2005 0–7 Dacia 0–0 0–7


This round featured the four winners from the previous round and was played over two legs. The first legs were played on 19 April 2011 and the second legs were played on 3 May 2011. An interesting fact is that the semifinals pairs are exactly those that were played in the previous edition of the Moldovan Cup.

Team 1 Agg. Team 2 1st leg 2nd leg
Dacia 1–3 Olimpia 0–1 1–2
Sheriff 1–3 Iskra-Stal 1–0 0–3


May 26, 2011
19:00 EEST
Iskra-Stal 2 – 1 Olimpia
Suchu Goal 11'
Gorodeţchi Goal 25'
Report Ovseannicov Goal 22'
Zimbru Stadium, Chişinău
Referee: Victor Gheciu

Top goalscorers

Updated to matches played on 19 May 2013.[3]
Rank Player Club Goals
1 Ukraine Volodymyr Kilikevych FC Iskra-Stal 3
Moldova Ghenadie Orbu FC Dacia Chişinău 3


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