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List of programming syndicated by Clear Channel

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Title: List of programming syndicated by Clear Channel  
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Subject: Clear Channel Communications, Premiere Networks, Owned-and-operated station
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List of programming syndicated by Clear Channel

The majority of programming syndicated by Clear Channel is distributed through its subsidiary, Premiere Networks. However, several Clear Channel radio shows are syndicated by their local stations without the aid of Premiere. Talk shows of this type are generally broadcast through Clear Channel Satellite; music programs of this type are generally prerecorded and distributed through a company intranet service known as Premium Choice.[1]

Talk shows

The following is a list of radio programs which are syndicated by Clear Channel but are not distributed by its radio network subsidiary, Premiere Networks. In general, Clear Channel syndicates a show outside of Premiere either as a cost-cutting measure, or because the show's talent has specifically requested syndication as condition to work for, or continue working for, the company. Talk shows currently syndicated by Clear Channel are listed in the table below. Talk shows formerly syndicated by Clear Channel include America's Trucking Network, Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, Lex and Terry, MJ Morning Show, Springer on the Radio, and The Schnitt Show. Talk shows syndicated by Clear Channel that have been promoted to Premiere include Elvis Duran and the Morning Show and The Bobby Bones Show.

Show Host(s) Flagship Market iHeartRadio
Armstrong & Getty Jack Armstrong, Joe Getty KSTE Sacramento n/a
Bob and the Showgram Bob Dumas WDCG Raleigh Listen Live
Bronson and Christine Bob Bronson, Christine Nagy WLTW New York n/a
The John and Ken Show John Kobylt, Kenneth Chiampou KFI Los Angeles n/a
Johnjay and Rich Johnjay Van Es, Rich Berra KZZP Phoenix Listen Live
Mojo in the Morning Mojo (Tom Carballo) WKQI Detroit Listen Live
Murphy, Sam, and Jodi Bob Murphy, Sam North, Jodi Carson KRVE Baton Rouge n/a
The Paul and Young Ron Show Paul Castronovo, Ron Brewer WBGG-FM Fort Lauderdale n/a
Rover's Morning Glory Rover (Shane French) WMMS Cleveland Listen Live
Sean Valentine in the Morning Sean Valentine KBIG Los Angeles n/a
The War Room with Quinn and Rose Jim Quinn, Rose Somma Tennent WPGB Pittsburgh n/a
The Travel Show Don Shafer, Larry Gelwix KNRS Salt Lake City n/a

NEW! Discover & Uncover

Format Host Station Market Logo
Adult[2] New York
Alternative[3] New York
Country[4] Kix Layton WSSL-FM Greenville
Hip-Hop/R&B[5] New York
Hit[6] New York
Latin[7] New York
Rock[8] Kennedy (Lisa Montgomery) KYSR Los Angeles

Premium Choice

On April 15, 2009, Clear Channel Radio (now Clear Channel Media and Entertainment) announced the start of Premium Choice, a menu of national format options available to local radio stations, their HD Radio digital subchannels, and the iHeartRadio platform.[1][9][10][11]

Format options

National format On-air talent Station Market Branding Logo iHeartRadio
Active rock Aly Young[12] WRDA Atlanta Rock Nation 100px Listen Live
Chris Rozak[13] WEND Charlotte
DZL (Chuck Thompson)[13] WEND Charlotte
Josh Klinger[14] n/a Atlanta
Mel Taylor[13] WJRR Orlando
Pyke (Jeremy Peterson)[15] WIOT Toledo
Shroom (Jason Schumm)[13] WEBN Cincinnati
Ty Bailey[16] WXTB Tampa
Alternative rock Aly Young[12] WRDA Atlanta The Alternative Project Listen Live
Chris Rozak[13] WEND Charlotte
DZL (Chuck Thompson)[13] WEND Charlotte
Josh Klinger[14] n/a Atlanta
Mel Taylor[13] WJRR Orlando
Pyke (Jeremy Peterson)[15] WIOT Toledo
Shroom (Jason Schumm)[13] WEBN Cincinnati
Ty Bailey[16] WXTB Tampa
Classic country Bill Reed[17] KTST Oklahoma City Foggy Mountain Listen Live
Bob Pickett[18] KASE-FM Austin
Dave Taft[19] WBCT Grand Rapids
Dr. Shane Collins[20] WPAP-FM Panama City
TJ Phillips[18] WEZL Charleston
Tom Travis[18] KXXY-FM Oklahoma City
Classic hits Don "Action" Jackson[21] WMJI Cleveland Big Classic Hits Listen Live
Jack Daniel[22] WEND Charlotte
Lisa Berigan[23] WBIG-FM Washington, D.C.
Lori Bradley[24] KJR-FM Seattle
Marc Coppola[25] WAXQ New York
Mark Bronson[26] KJR-FM Seattle
Marty Thompson[27] n/a Cincinnati
Classic rock Big Rig (Ron Michaels)[28] WXTB Tampa The Classic Rock Channel 100px Listen Live
BMAN (John Beaulieu)[28] WTUE Dayton
Doc Reno[28] WBGG-FM Miami
Jim Kerr[29] WAXQ New York
Ken Dashow[30] WAXQ New York
Laura Steele[31] WFBQ Indianapolis
Marc Coppola[25] WAXQ New York
Maria Milito[28] WAXQ New York
Ty Bailey[16] WXTB Tampa
Country Angie Ward[32] WTQR Greensboro Country Road Listen Live
Billy Greenwood[32] KSD St. Louis
Catfish (Craig Hunter)[32] WFUS Tampa
Chris Randolph[32] WAMZ Louisville
Joe Boxer[32] WMZQ-FM Washington, D.C.
Kix Layton[32] WSSL-FM Greenville
Michael J. Fox[32] WMZQ-FM Washington, D.C.
Hot AC Cindy Spicer[31] WQIK-FM Jacksonville Today's Mix 100px Listen Live
Jeff Stevens[33] WMMX Dayton
Kristy Knight[34] WMTX Tampa
Lori Bradley[24] KJR-FM Seattle
Romeo (Neil Paris)[35] WXKS-FM Boston
Shaun Vincent[31] WMMX Dayton
Shelley Wade[31] WHTZ New York
Toby Knapp[36] WIHT Washington, D.C.
Sean Valentine[31] KBIG Los Angeles
Mainstream AC Helen Little[37] WLTW New York Soft Rock Listen Live
Jack Kratoville[38] WLTW New York
Jana Sutter[39] WXXL Orlando
JT (Jeff Tyson)[40] WMJJ Birmingham
Lori Bradley[24] KJR-FM Seattle
Mainstream CHR "Billy the Kidd" Green[28] KHKS Dallas–Fort Worth Hit Nation 100px Listen Live
"Boy Toy Jesse" Lozano[41] KIIS-FM Los Angeles
Chris Davis (Mark Lorenson)[42] WNCI Columbus
JJ Kincaid[43] WHTZ New York
JoJo Wright[42] KIIS-FM Los Angeles
Sisanie Reategui[42] KIIS-FM Los Angeles
Trey Morgan[44] WHTZ New York
Mainstream rock Bailey Fleming[45] KTCL Denver Pure Rock n/a n/a
Colfax (Chris Baur)[46] KRFX Denver
"Corey Rotic" Hawkins[47] WMMS Cleveland
Jack Daniel[22] WEND Charlotte
Oldies Don "Action" Jackson[21] WMJI Cleveland Cool Oldies 100px Listen Live
Drew Thomas[48] WSRZ-FM Sarasota
JT (Jeff Tyson)[40] WMJJ Birmingham
Marty Thompson[27] n/a Cincinnati
Mike Frazer[49] WWSW-FM Pittsburgh
Paul Christy[50] KKRW Houston
Sheri Van Dyke[51] WWSW-FM Pittsburgh
Skip Kelly[52] WOLL West Palm Beach
Rhythmic CHR Deuce (David Jacobson)[53] KPTT Denver Wild Listen Live
Dreena Gonzalez[54] KYLD San Francisco
Frankie V[55] KHTS-FM San Diego
Mack[56] WHYI-FM Miami
Maxwell (Chris Jones)[57] WIOQ Philadelphia
Nessa[13] KYLD San Francisco
Prolifik (Mike Adam)[58] WKSS Hartford
Ramiro[59] WJMN Boston
Spanish El Gato (Humberto Rodriguez)[60] WMGE Miami MIA 100px Listen Live
Issa Lopez[61] KPTT Denver
Karina Arceo[62] WNUA Chicago
Oscar Gonzalez[63] WBZY Atlanta
Paula Perez[64] WBZY Atlanta
Super Martinez (Jose Martinez)[65] WRLX West Palm Beach
Urban AC Frankie Darcell[66] WMXD Detroit All My Jams Listen Live
Jo Jo[67] WSOL-FM Jacksonville
KJ Brooks[68] WSOL-FM Jacksonville
Patty Jackson[69] WDAS-FM Philadelphia
Renee Taylor[70] KHHT Los Angeles
Urban Big Sue[71] WHRK Memphis The Beat 100px Listen Live
Big Nat[72] WBTJ Richmond
Chris Caliente[73] WOWI Norfolk
Chris Michaels[74] WGCI-FM Chicago
Mr. Chase[75] WJLB Detroit
T-Roy[76] WJBT Jacksonville
Uptown Angela[77] WQUE-FM New Orleans


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