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Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement

Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement
MTVR convoy in Iraq
Manufacturer Oshkosh Corporation
Also called MTVR
Production 1998-present
Body and chassis
Class Truck
Layout AWD 6x6
Engine Caterpillar C13 440 hp 12.8 L,
Caterpillar C9 400 hp 8.8 L
Transmission Allison 4700 SP 7-speed automatic
Wheelbase 183.6 in (4,663 mm) (MK23)
Length 315.6 in (8,016 mm) (MK23)
Width 98.4 in (2,500 mm) (MK23)
Height 144.0 in (3,658 mm)
Predecessor M939

Medium Tactical Vehicle Replacement (MTVR) is a 7-Ton 6x6 heavy duty truck Off-road vehicle used by the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy.

Designed as an improvement over the M939 trucks, the multi-variant MTVR is manufactured by Oshkosh Truck Corporation and entered service in 1998.

It is often referred to simply as a 7-Ton, reflecting its 7 short tons (6,400 kg) rated off-road cargo capacity. Maximum payload on paved surfaces is 15 short tons (14,000 kg). The MTVR is the Marine Corps prime mover for the M777 howitzer, fuel and water assets, troops and a wide variety of equipment.

The TerraMax is an Oshkosh-developed, driver-less, MTVR-based entrant in the DARPA Grand Challenge.


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There are twelve variations of the MTVR,[1] all 6x6 unless noted otherwise:

Model Cargo Bed Vehicle
Wheelbase Turning

Width Height Curb Weight GVWR Maximum
Engine Transmission Transfer Case
MK23 Cargo length
14 ft (4.3 m)
26.3 ft; 8.0 m 15.3 ft; 4.7 m 86 ft (26 m) 8.2 ft; 2.5 m 12 ft; 3.6 m 27,900 lb
12,700 kg
62,200 lb
28,200 kg
65 mph
105 km/h
Caterpillar C13
440 hp 12.8 L
Allison 4700 SP
7-speed automatic
30000 Series
MK25 Cargo
w/ self-recovery winch
29,100 lb
13,200 kg
MK27 Cargo length
20 ft (6.1 m)
32.3 ft; 9.8 m 18.0 ft; 5.5 m 102 ft (31 m) 30,600 lb
13,900 kg
MK28 Cargo
w/ self-recovery winch
31,700 lb
14,400 kg
MK29 Dump volume
6.5 cu yd (5.0 m3)
26.4 ft; 8.1 m 15.3 ft; 4.7 m 89 ft (27 m) 31,800 lb
14,400 kg
MK30 Dump
w/ self-recovery winch
32,500 lb
14,700 kg
MK31 Tractor Fifth Wheel Vertical Loading:
32,000 lb (15,000 kg)
24.8 ft; 7.5 m 15.3 ft; 4.7 m 60 ft (18 m)
rear steer
27,800 lb
12,600 kg
138,200 lb
62,700 kg
MK36 Wrecker Crane: 22,000 lb (10,000 kg)
Flat Tow: 62,200 lb (28,200 kg)
Lift & Tow (GVWR): 49,000 lb (22,000 kg)
32.3 ft; 9.8 m 18.0 ft; 5.5 m 102 ft (31 m) 34,400 lb
15,600 kg
62,200 lb
28,200 kg
HIMARS resupply
Crane: 10,000 lb (4,500 kg)
carries two (2) MFOM pods
30 ft; 9.1 m 18.0 ft; 5.5 m 102 ft (31 m) 49,100 lb
22,300 kg
63,500 lb
28,800 kg
4x4 Cargo length
10 ft (3.0 m)
22.2 ft; 6.8 m 15.3 ft; 4.7 m 72 ft (22 m)
50 ft (15 m)
rear steer
8.0 ft; 2.4 m 21,810 lb
9,890 kg
42,700 lb
19,400 kg
Caterpillar C9
400 hp 8.8 L
6x6 LHS
(Load Handling System)
20 ft (6.1 m)
LHS: 18,000 lb (8,200 kg)
31 ft; 9.4 m 18.9 ft; 5.8 m n/a 8.2 ft; 2.5 m 33,500 lb
15,200 kg
62,200 lb
28,200 kg
Caterpillar C13
440 hp 12.8 L
8x8 LHS
(Load Handling System)
20 ft (6.1 m)
LHS: 33,000 lb (15,000 kg)
33.5 ft; 10.2 m 21.3 ft; 6.5 m 93 ft (28 m) 41,600 lb
18,900 kg
84,000 lb
38,000 kg
55000 Series
Two MK23 MTVR's equipped with Plasan MAS armor at Camp Pendleton, California
An MK36 wrecker lift towing an MK23 at Camp Fallujah, Iraq, December 2004
The MK36 wrecker at Camp Foster, Okinawa, 18 March 2005


  • All MTVR's are equipped with a Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS). This allows the operator to select tire inflation pressures in accordance to vehicle payload and terrain type.
  • Extra-long wheelbase MTVR's are capable of hauling a 1 TEU sized Shipping Container.
  • MK 23 through MK 29 MTVR models have stowable dropsides. This allows for flexibility in moving cargo and troops.
  • All models feature a built-in turret stand and roof opening for operating vehicle-mounted weapons.
  • Some MTVRs are fitted with an armor kit designed and produced by Plasan.[2]

Operation and maintenance reponsiblities

United States Marine Corps
Operation and 1st and 2nd Echelon Maintenance of the MTVR and fall under the 3531 MOS Part of the larger 3500 series of MOS concerned with Motor Transport (Motor T). Maintenance beyond the 1st Echelon is the responsibility of Marines with the 3521 Organizational Automotive Mechanic MOS.

United States Navy
MTVR's are operated primarily by Seabees in Naval Mobile Construction Battalions with an Equipment Operator (EO) rating. Maintenance is the responsibility of Construction Mechanics (CM).


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