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Pulp and paper industry in Canada


Pulp and paper industry in Canada

The pulp and paper industry in Canada is one of the country's most important and profitable industries.. It is especially concentrated in Ontario and Quebec and plays an important role in many other provinces..


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Leading companies

Leading forest and paper products companies in Canada include:

Rank Company 2003 Total Revenue
2003 Net Income (Loss)
1 AbitibiBowater Inc. 23.0 179.0 [1]
2 Domtar Inc. 4,791.0 (190.0) [2]
3 Cascades Inc. 3,521.0 55.0 [3]
4 Tembec 3,173.1 11.4 [4]
5 Norbord 2,721.4 176.4 [5]
6 Canfor 2,232.7 153.3 [6]
7 Catalyst 1,649.4 (84.5) [7]
8 West Fraser Timber 1,552.7 43.1 [8]
9 International Forest Products (Interfor) 614.5 (23.0) [9]
10 Arbec Forest Products (Uniforêt) 158.3 11.8 [10]
11 Western Forest Products [11]
Howe Sound Pulp and Paper
Kruger Inc.
Resolute Forest Products

Environmental expenses

In 2000, Canadian pulp, paper and paperboard companies had operating expenses of C$425.4 million on environmental protection with the majority ($263.3 million) used for pollution abatement. Capital expenditures totalled $234.8 million, with over half ($140.4 million) being spent on pollution prevention processes. [2]

See also


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