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List of cities and towns in Papua New Guinea

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Title: List of cities and towns in Papua New Guinea  
Author: World Heritage Encyclopedia
Language: English
Subject: LGBT history in Papua New Guinea, Suki, Lists of cities by country, Papua New Guinea
Collection: Lists of Cities by Country, Papua New Guinea-Related Lists, Populated Places in Papua New Guinea
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List of cities and towns in Papua New Guinea

Map of Papua New Guinea

This is a list of cities, towns and villages in Papua New Guinea.


Papua New Guinea's three cities are Lae, Mount Hagen and Port Moresby. The other settlements in the following list are towns and villages.

City/Town/Village District Province
Abau Abau District Central
Adumo   Eastern Highlands
Agaun   Milne Bay
Aiambak   Western
Aitape Aitape-Lumi District Sandaun (West Sepik)
Alekano   Eastern Highlands
Alexishafen   Madang
Alotau Alotau District Milne Bay
Ambunti Ambunti-Dreikikir District East Sepik
Angoram Angoram District East Sepik
Arawa Central Bougainville District Bougainville (North Solomons)
Asaro Daulo District Eastern Highlands
Awaba   Western
Baimuru Kikori District Gulf
Baiyer Mul-Baiyer District Western Highlands
Balimo Middle Fly District Western
Banz North Waghi District Western Highlands
Benabena   Eastern Highlands
Benna Unggai-Benna District Eastern Highlands
Bensbach   Western
Bereina Kairuku-Hiri District Central
Boana Nawae District Morobe
Bogia Bogia District Madang
Boridi   Central
Bosset   Western
Buin South Bougainville District Bougainville (North Solomons)
Buka North Bougainville District Bougainville (North Solomons)
Bulolo Bulolo District Morobe
Buna   Oro (Northern)
Chuave Chuave District Simbu (Chimbu)
Daru South Fly District Western
Dei Dei District Western Highlands
Efogi   Central
Fane   Central
Ferguson Esa'ala District Milne Bay
Finschhafen Finschhafen District Morobe
Gagidu Finschhafen District Morobe
Gasmata Kandrian-Gloucester District West New Britain
Gona   Oro (Northern)
Goroka Goroka District Eastern Highlands
Gumine Gumine District Simbu (Chimbu)
Gusap   Morobe
Henganofi Henganofi District Eastern Highlands
Hoskins Talasea District West New Britain
Ialibu Ialibu-Pangia District Southern Highlands
Ihu Kikori District Gulf
Imbonggu Imbonggu District Southern Highlands
Itokama   Oro (Northern)
Kabwum Kabwum District Morobe
Kagi   Central
Kagua Kagua-Erave District Southern Highlands
Kaiapit Markham District Morobe
Kainantu Kainantu District Eastern Highlands
Kamusi   Gulf
Kandep Kandep District Enga
Kandrian Kandrian-Gloucester District West New Britain
Karimui Karimui-Nomane District Simbu (Chimbu)
Karkar Sumkar District Madang
Kavieng Kavieng District New Ireland
Kelanoa   Morobe
Kerema Kerema District Gulf
Kerevat Gazelle District East New Britain
Kerowagi Kerowagi District Simbu (Chimbu)
Kieta Central Bougainville District Bougainville (North Solomons)
Kikori Kikori District Gulf
Kimbe Talasea District West New Britain
Kiriwina Kiriwini-Goodenough District Milne Bay
Kiunga North Fly District Western
Kokoda Sohe District Oro (Northern)
Kokopo Kokopo District East New Britain
Kompiam Kompiam District Enga
Kopiago Koroba-Kopiago District Southern Highlands
Krisa   Sandaun (West Sepik)
Kunaye (Lihir Island)   New Ireland
Kundiawa Kundiawa-Gembogl District Simbu (Chimbu)
Kwikila Rigo District Central
Lae Lae District Morobe
Lagaip Lagaip-Porgera District Enga
Lake Murray Middle Fly District Western
Lamari Obura-Wonenara District Eastern Highlands
Lido   Sandaun (West Sepik)
Londolovit (Lihir Island)   New Ireland
Lorengau Manus District Manus
Losuia (Kiriwina Island)   Milne Bay
Lufa Lufa District Eastern Highlands
Lusik   Madang
Madang Madang District Madang
Magarima Komo-Magarima District Southern Highlands
Manari   Central
Manguna   East New Britain
Maprik Maprik District East Sepik
Marienburg Angoram District East Sepik
Medibur Bogia District Madang
Mendi Mendi-Munihu District Southern Highlands
Menyamya Menyamya District Morobe
Minj Anglimp-South Waghi District Western Highlands
Moro   Southern Highlands
Mount Hagen Mount Hagen District Western Highlands
Murua Samarai-Murua District Milne Bay
Nadzab   Morobe
Namatanai Namatanai District New Ireland
Nebilyer Tambul-Nebilyer District Western Highlands
Ningerum   Western
Nipa Nipa-Kutubu District Southern Highlands
Nuku Nuku District Sandaun (West Sepik)
Obo   Western
Okapa Okapa District Eastern Highlands
Olsobip North Fly District Western
Ononge   Central
Panguna   Bougainville (North Solomons)
Pasi   Sandaun (West Sepik)
Pomio Pomio District East New Britain
Popondetta Ijivitari District Oro (Northern)
Porgera Lagaip-Porgera District Enga
Port Moresby   National Capital District
Rabaul Rabaul District East New Britain
Rai Coast Rai Coast District Madang
Saidor Rai Coast District Madang
Salamaua Huon District Morobe
Salamo   Milne Bay
Samarai Samarai-Murua District Milne Bay
Samberigi   Southern Highlands
Sanananda   Oro (Northern)
Sasereme   Gulf
Sialum Tewae-Siassi District Morobe
Simbai Middle Ramu District Madang
Sio   Morobe
Soputa   Oro (Northern)
Suki   Western
Tabibuga Jimi District Western Highlands
Tabubil   Western
Tadji   Sandaun (West Sepik)
Tapini Goilala District Central
Talasea Talasea District West New Britain
Tari Tari-Pori District Southern Highlands
Telefomin Telefomin District Sandaun (West Sepik)
Torokina South Bougainville District Bougainville (North Solomons)
Tsili Tsili   Morobe
Tufi   Oro (Northern)
Ukarumpa   Eastern Highlands
Usino Usino Bundi District Madang
Vanimo Vanimo-Green River District Sandaun (West Sepik)
Vivigani (Goodenough Is.) Kiriwini-Goodenough District Milne Bay
Wabag Wabag District Enga
Wabo   Gulf
Wamira Rabaraba Milne Bay
Wanigela   Oro (Northern)
Wapenamanda Kandep District Enga
Wasu Tewae-Siassi District Morobe
Wau Bulolo District Morobe
Wewak Wewak District East Sepik
Wipim   Western
Woitape Goilala District Central
Wosera Wosera-Gawi District East Sepik
Yangoru Yangoru-Saussia District East Sepik
Yonggomugl Sina Sina-Yonggomugl District Simbu (Chimbu)

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