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Guenther Wachsmuth

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Title: Guenther Wachsmuth  
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Subject: Anthroposophical Society, Wachsmuth, Hermann Poppelbaum
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Guenther Wachsmuth

Guenther Wachsmuth (4 October 1893, Dresden — 2 March 1963, Dornach, Switzerland) was a jurist, economist, anthroposophist, author and first Secretary and Treasurer of the Anthroposophical Society.


He was the second son of a pediatrician in Dresden. He studied law at Oxford and Munich. In 1914 he volunteered as a war volunteer and was placed in Russia. After the War he continued his studies in Munich and graduated in 1919. In that same year he had his first personal encounter with Rudolf Steiner.

After the fire of the first Goetheanum he was personal assistant to Steiner. He was an active support for the construction of the second Goetheanum. At the founding of the Anthroposophical Society in 1923 he became a board member. He would later be treasurer and secretary and continue his work until his death in 1963.[1]



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Literary Works

  • Kepler's secret world. Drama in 12 pictures. Hybernia, Basel / Dornach 1946
  • Noah. Dramatic Sketch in 7 pictures. Hybernia, Basel / Dornach Dornach 1948
  • The division of the earth. Drama of a new era. Hybernia, Dornach 1954
  • Archangel in the council. Drama in 8 images with prelude and epilogue. Geering, Dornach 1961


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  • Goethe in our time. Rudolf Steiner Goetheanismus as a research method, Dornach 1949

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